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Looking through the customer’s eyes”, using eye-tracking, in-depth interviews and surveys to examine wellness quality of Vinpearl hotels and resorts - Dung Le Thi Phuong

Improvements to the model to convert user generated content (UGC) to structured data in hotel service quality using sentimental analysis – Case study of Vinpearl - Lan Tran Phuong

Evolving Digital Consumer Behavior and Social Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM): A Comprehensive Approach Integrating Data from Consumer and Firm - Kyunghwa Chung (Jenny)

Stability, efficiency, and resilience of hotels during Covid-19 pandemic: The role of capital structure and ESG strategy - Lan Nguyen Thi Mai

Employee learning in tourism and service experiences during Covid-19 pandemic - Giang Phi Thi Linh

At the Crossroads of International Relocation: What Makes The Influence of Reputation Stronger? - Jin Suk Park