VinUniversity to Host the “Supply Chain Thought Leaders Roundtable” with Professors from Leading Business Schools

January 4, 2023

Connecting global wisdom to Vietnam

Established in 1998 by Prof. Hau Lee of Stanford University, Supply Chain Thought Leaders (SCTL) Roundtable gathers renowned Supply Chain scholars from Harvard, Wharton, UNC, Stanford, INSEAD and other major business schools around the world to meet annually to discuss the latest research and applied issues in the field.

Hosted for the first time in Vietnam by VinUniversity, on January 5, 2023, joined by Mr Nguyen Hoa Cuong – Vice President of Central Institute of Economic Development, Dr. Mani Muthukumara – Lead Economist in World Bank’s South Asia Chief Economist’s Office and Mr Thomas Harris – Vice President of Fulfilment at TIKI Cooperation, the SCTL scholars explore further the economic models and development in Vietnam as well as the future of resilient, sustainable Supply Chain against the backdrop of ever-increasing demands of sprawling megacities.

Participating in the Roundtable as keynote speakers, two VinUni faculty members, Prof. Phan Thi Thuc Anh of College of Business Management and Prof. Anupama Devendrakumar of College of Arts and Sciences, take the opportunity to showcase our student and faculty research. This will lead to future research collaborations with faculty members and potential exchange agreements with their universities.

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