Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration

Program Profile

Name of the program degree Bachelor of Business Administration
Program duration To be completed in 3.5 or 4 years on a full-time basis
Total credits 120 credits

Program Mission

The overall aim is to provide students with the best education – the right knowledge, skills, expertise, and experiences so that upon graduation they can attain meaningful careers with accelerated advancement opportunities.

The mission of the BBA Program is to provide undergraduate students with a well-rounded quality English-based business education to become competent business professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs with integrity who are critical thinkers and aspire to move Vietnam to a respectable position in the world.

Area of Majors

The Finance major revolves around three main areas: Financial Management, Investment, Financial Intermediaries, including:

  • Financial Management: Optimize resources and achieve business objectives for individuals and enterprises.
  • Investment: Research, analyze securities markets, and knowledge about stocks, bonds, options and futures contracts.
  • Financial Intermediaries: Organize the provision of services and manage transactions, financial brokerage in banks, securities firms, insurance companies, and other financial institutions.

Core courses:

  1. FINA3010 Corporate Finance
  2. FINA3030 Behavioral Finance
  3. FINA3050 Applied Econometrics
  4. FINA4010 Futures, Options, and Financial Derivatives
  5. FINA4040 Portfolio Management
  6. FINA3100 FinTech: Shaping the Financial World
  7. FINA4100 Fixed Income Securities and Interest Rate Options

The Business Analytics major enhances students’ knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience in integrating quantitative data from statistics, mathematics, economics, finance, computer science, etc., to provide accurate, scientific, and useful analyses for decision-making, strategic planning, and optimal operations in businesses and organizations.

Core courses:

  1. CECS1030 Computational and Algorithmic Thinking
  2. BANA3010 Data Driven Analytics
  3. BANA3020 Introduction to Programming and Python
  4. BANA4020 Computational Machine Learning for Business Analytics
  5. BANA4040 Predictive Analytics
  6. BANA4010 Data Communication & Visualization
  7. CISM2020 Big Data Management for Revenue Enhancement

The Entrepreneurship major instills in students an entrepreneurial spirit and a leadership mindset. Students will learn to seize opportunities, dare to take risks, dare to think and act, dare to make decisions, and take full responsibility for their decisions. The Entrepreneurship major helps students build cooperative relationships, practice innovative creativity, and equip themselves with a set of skills ranging from finance, marketing, macro- and micro-economics, communication, computer science, environmental science, engineering, to psychology… in order to support a successful future career, whether students pursue a scientific, research-oriented path or an entrepreneurial one.

Core courses:

  1. ENTR3010 Entrepreneurship Perspectives
  2. MANA3110 Corporate Entrepreneurship
  3. MANA3130 Entrepreneurial Finance
  4. MANA3150 Designing New Ventures
  5. MANA4100 Entrepreneurial Marketing and Strategy
  6. MANA4000 Business Model Innovation and Design
  7. CISM2020 Big Data Management for Revenue Enhancement

The Marketing major equips students with specialized knowledge in the field of marketing and the latest trends, to help students excel in an increasingly competitive market with constant changes. The flexible program allows students to focus on fields that match their talents and passions, such as retail management, digital marketing, data analysis, advertising, research, brand building, etc.

Core courses:

  1. MARK3010 Consumer Behavior
  2. MARK3020 Digital Marketing
  3. MARK4040 Marketing Research
  4. MARK4010 Brand Management
  5. BANA4010 Data Communication & Visualization
  6. MARK4100 Marketing Strategy
  7. CISM2020 Big Data Management for Revenue Enhancement

The Operations and Supply Management major provides students with specialized knowledge in modern supply chains, as well as enhances their overall critical thinking skills and data analysis abilities to optimize business efficiency for enterprises. Students will be exposed to the operation and management of supply chains through internships at reputable companies, thereby becoming experts and managers capable of solving complex problems in supply chain systems and operations.

Core courses:

  1. MANA3200 Managing For Service Excellence
  2. OLSM3110 Total Quality Management
  3. OLSM3500 Operations Planning and Control
  4. BANA3010 Data Driven Analytics
  5. OLSM3510 Sourcing and Distribution Planning
  6. OLSM4250 Global Supply Chain Management and Strategy
  7. OLSM4210 Technology and Product Innovation Management

The Hospitality Leadership major equips students with comprehensive knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience to lead them to their dream career path and provide exceptional opportunities for advancement in the hospitality industry. Throughout the specialization, students will refine their critical thinking skills, develop ideas, identify business opportunities, and immerse themselves in hotel management environments, including managing entertainment complexes, culinary management, etc., catering to the increasingly diverse, sophisticated, and personalized needs of customers.

Core courses:

  1. HADM1000 Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Management
  2. HADM1010 Fundamentals of Foodservice Management
  3. HADM2010 Revenue Management Principles and Practices
  4. HADM1020 Fundamentals in Hotel Operations
  5. MARK3020 Digital Marketing
  6. MANA3200 Managing for Service Excellence
  7. HADM3030 Hospitality Planning and Development

Area of Minors

Business Essentials

Health Services Management

Business Analytics

Hospitality and Tourism




  1. Graduates will have an understanding of ethical action, integrity, responsibility and the obligations of being entrepreneurially-minded business professionals.
  • Have an awareness of ethical principles and practices of entrepreneurially-minded business professionals
  • Identify issues of integrity and appropriate courses of action in a business setting
  • Have an understanding of the role and responsibilities of being an entrepreneurially-minded business professional
  1. Graduates will have independence of mind in decision making and opinion forming, working either individually or within a team.
  • Have an understanding of the importance of individual opinion for a business professional
  • Be capable of leading and participating in teams to achieve tangible outcomes
  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills
  1. Graduates will have a knowledge of the broad business environment and specific business specialties and an applied understanding of their integration in business generally.
  • Exhibit a detailed understanding of core business knowledge
  • Exhibit a detailed understanding of business-specialty knowledge
  • Be capable of modeling the soft skills required in business
  1. Graduates will be capable of identifying, analyzing and evaluating business data from diverse sources in decision making.
  • Be capable of applying evidence-based reasoning
  • Apply interdisciplinary knowledge appropriately in a business context
  • Have an understanding of the roles of fact, supposition and assumption in the decision-making process
  1. Graduates will have an understanding of the role of Vietnamese history and culture in the evolution of the Vietnamese business environment.
  • Have a broad understanding of the structure of the Vietnamese business environment
  • Have an awareness of how Vietnamese history and culture impact upon the Vietnamese business environment
  • Exhibit an understanding of the relationship between Vietnamese political structures and the structure and operation of Vietnamese businesses
  1. Graduates will have a broad understanding of the Vietnamese economy its relativity to all economies in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) region including the US, China, Japan and ASEAN.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the key characteristics of APEC economies
  • Have an understanding of the interaction of the Vietnamese economy and all APEC economies.
  • Exhibit an awareness of the differences between the structure of the Vietnamese economy and the structures of APEC economies