Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

Program Profile

Name of the program degree Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
Program duration To be completed in 3.5 or 4 years on a full-time basis
Total credits 126 credits

Program Mission

This program aims to provide students with the highest quality education in hospitality management – knowledge, skills, expertise, and experiences – in order to help students attain meaningful careers with accelerated advancement opportunities.

The mission of the program is to provide preeminent academic and professional education that will enable graduates to quickly achieve senior executive careers within the hospitality industry in Vietnam and in the greater region of Southeast Asia.

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At the College of Business and Management, we are here to hone your skills to compete on the international hospitality stage. The H-Lab strives to support the development of future hospitality leaders via:

  • Food Safety Training Programs that are professionally developed to address the building blocks for food safety in the foodservice industry.
  • Food and Beverage Tutored Tastings that help enhance their understanding and enjoyment of current and future culinary and beverage trends.
  • Competition and/or Events that offers a platform for innovating and developing new technologies, design and business concepts in the hospitality industry.
  • House of Sustainability and Technology (HoST) that serves as a platform to disseminate knowledge organized under the themes of technology and sustainability.

And to provide you with a superb learning environment that is conductive to nurturing and allowing you to fulfil your full potential and succeed in the hospitality industry, the H-Lab is equipped with a:

  • Innovative High-Tech Flex-Cooking Area that connects the VinUniversity and the community in the art and science of food.
  • Dynamic State-of-the-Art Wine Classroom that supports beverage appreciation classes, industry training, and special event tastings.
  • Turn-Key, Hands-On Dining Area that fully equipped as a hub for sharing food and beverage industry knowledge and information.

1. Professional Competencies in the Hospitality Industry

Graduates will have broad understanding of the professional competencies expected in the hospitality industry.

  • Have an understanding of core business information and knowledge.
  • Have a good understanding of how to use numerical data.
  • Determine how to evaluate problems and implement strategic decisions.

2. Management Skills

Graduates will know how to manage complex tasks while working in teams among perse hospitality organizations.

  • Demonstrate effective oral communication and listening skills.
  • Be capable of effective written expression across genres and styles.
  • Exhibit those behaviors required to manage team tasks.
  • Be able to apply management principles in cultural contexts.

3. Ethical Leadership

Graduates will have demonstrated ethical behaviors for hospitality leadership in a global society.

  • Show awareness of ethical reasoning in a variety of business and social settings.
  • Demonstrate those attributes expected of hospitality executives.
  • Be capable of leadership behaviors appropriate for a global and just society.

4. Critical & Strategic Thinking

As hospitality leaders, graduates will know how to apply critical and strategic thinking in order to adapt to emergent situations.

  • Being able to comprehensively explore issues to formulate opinions.
  • Understanding imagination, pergent thinking, and risk taking.
  • Demonstrate how to analyze evidence that results in informed conclusions.

5. Lifelong passion for learning

Graduates will know the value of lifelong learning for professional and personal development for continuous improvement within the hospitality industry in Vietnam.

  • Have an appreciation for purposeful learning on an ongoing basis to improve ones’ knowledge and career skills, and to positively affect the hospitality industry and Vietnamese society.
  • Working to make a difference in the life of the industry, community, and that of the country.